25 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

  1. some great shots in lots of different moods. but wow, that is really rather risky. you may have captured secret agents or spies or under-cover police officers or even some witnesses to a crime that have been relocated to another city with a brand new secret identity to protect them or even criminals just about to commit a crime…. 🙂
    you just never know.
    seriously though, if i could offer a friendly suggestion for future reference: unless it is a publicly known figure, you might want to consider only posting pics of people you know, and with their permission. just a thought, sharing my opinion.

    • Your first comment sounds rather mysterious and even daring, made me laugh!.

      After giving a lot of thought about your second comment, I had many ideas and reasonings…Let’s say I agree with you and I say “yes”… If that would be the case I would find that we live in a dangerous society, one that is threatening and not worthy to trust. It is true that nowadays our information is more handy than ever.

      Now your signature is electronic, our faces are collected by closed circuit cameras like in many countries, banks and streets, just to mention some of them. Even more, your computer IP, which is your unique identifier in the internet can be traced back, finding your geographical location… and if I go farther, I might google any name for info or images… with all this available we need to chose if we will adapt or..

      I rather live thinking that this world is safe, that people have good intentions, and that they care for the benefit of our welfare. And yes, we have to be cautious…

      Thank you for your thoughts, I think we have to be aware how accesible we can be, and then prepare, just in case.

      Thank you.

      ps. please forgive my poor English as it is not my native language.

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