Plaza Carso and Soumaya Museum.

This is Museum Soumaya and buildings in Plaza Carso. It’s owner? The richest man in the world according to Forbes, mexican Carlos Slim.

The building is about 8 stories high and is just gorgeous! (next time, I will need to get a 50mm lens to get the whole building). It sounds strange or unusual to think that the top place for the richest person is taken by a mexican, in a country where 60% of its population is poor and that 40% of that percentage lives in extreme poverty. Totally bizarre. Please take a look at these, in the meantime I will rant trying to figure out  why I am not that rich.


6 thoughts on “Plaza Carso and Soumaya Museum.

  1. Nice to meet you. This building is very impressive for me because I’m an architecture engineer.

    In addition, I’m learning Spanish and Mexico is one of my interesting countries.
    Thank you for your continued help.

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