Day of the Death, All Saints Day

All Saints Day is a Catholic celebration. The Day of the Death is a mix between Prehispanic and Christian ideas. Mexicans mock about death understanding that it is a natural cycle for which all will go through. In this day, November 1st and 2nd, people will go to graveyards and bring to their gone relatives music and the food they used to like when they were in this physical world.


Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Rio de Janerio, a very very nice place to spend vacation. I visited Rio some time ago and still I get caught when listening to a brazilian accent. Its people, simple the best hosts I can remember when traveling to South America. I was on a business trip for more than a month and  I was treated so warm I came back a couple of times more.

..Barra de Tijuca, Brasil (a 30 minutes drive from Rio), Beautiful beaches!