We are all Angels

It might be a strange interpretation of a Window for the Weekly Photo Challenge, but many times is what I would like to see. An angel coming through an imaginary frame, spanding its wings and keeping me safe.

We are all angels on earth. It is not a matter to gain your wings, but to realize that you have them and when you do, one sees from atop and then all your worries fade away, meaningless. They will appear most likely when you are in the Now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow, but in this precise instant.


43 thoughts on “We are all Angels

  1. I don’t think it’s strange Cedric, I think it is a refreshing interpretation for the windows challenge! It’s comforting to think of us as angels on earth. Many days I think we really need our wings to make our worries fade away. Cool pictures.

  2. Love your version the most. Brilliant idea. I always thought and wondered how cool it is to have an angels wings, to fly and just be free to do anything. I remember “the Hawk” of super friends as a kid and wishes I had one. The wings were just perfect for you in those shots . Great thoughts too.

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