66 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

  1. Fantastic… We spent our honeymoon in Chitchanitza… very powerful memories… i remember stopping in front of this building that had some sort of “fertility” symbol… grabbed my attention… your photos are amazing… thank you so much for sharing… too bad my memories and images from the Maian ruins are all before we had any digital camera… 😦

  2. This is very interesting as I have explored Tulum in the past, several times. I always wanted to know more. Thank you for sharing this mind opening information. Now I want to go back again.

  3. Thanks for that post. Learned a lot and great pictures! The inscription really makes me wonder.. is it a spaceship, or a big musical instrument or something completely different? Just can’t figure it out..

    • Sehr gut! I am ok with it being a musical instrument or a space ship. Since you took the time to look for a larger image (which I could’t find myself) I searched for another that names the parts of the “ship” and added at the bottom of the photos. Read through, It might convince you it is a space ship, or not. Thank you Cassie!!

      • Con mucho gusto, Cedric!
        Here is a video-stream I found: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-373807185570806915 It’s based on the book Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past written by Erich von Däniken (where your new image is apparently from). It haven’t watched everything, but if you go to 59min48sec, it is about the spaceship!
        Well at least now I am convinced, that it is either really a spaceship or it is just something ancient, we can’t understand and therefore looking for clues, that it is something we already know 🙂 However that may be, great interpretation for this weeks photo-challenge! I have to say, your interpretation makes me wonder the most, Cedric!

  4. A beautiful wonder….the old, rich , amazing architectural structures demands awe and respect to what our ancestors can do. I’m always fascinated my the Mayans and their way of life. Today, you made me realize once more that they are to be marveled . Wonderful photos my friend. You are a true adventurer. A blessed day to you.

  5. Space ship? I don’t know! But I do know that these are some fantastic photos of beautiful architecture that fit the “wonder” challenge perfectly! Very rich in texture. Interesting post this Monday morning to get me thinking.

    • Well now that you say it, there is much about having UFOs visiting. As a matter of fact, Mexico is the most visited country in the world with these sort of flying saucers… Who would know! Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Another great aspect of blogging, not only do we get to see great photos and discover new interests, but we learn so much. Thank you for all the info. Such gorgeous photos. So much history here. The last, I do not see the space ship aspect. For some reason, I see an ancient warrior ready for battle.

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  8. Absolutely amazing! I love pre-Columbian history and cultures. Read Popul Vuh if you want to know more about the ancient American’s beliefs.

  9. What wonderful pictures – and information to make them mean something more than “Wow look at those amazing buildings!” Thank you. As for the “space ship” – I think it looks like he’s using an enormous crossbow! (I’m sure that’s not the right explanation either, but that’s what it makes me think of.)

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