Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

I didn’t have any picture to post about breakfast so I decided to go out where some people have breakfast and that turned out to be a Market. This market is in the open, they put tents to sell their products, be that goods or food. (That is why people look redish! There was a sort of orange tent on the food section!).

Establishments like these share one table, long table… so you get to sit with a lot of people you don’t know.  If you zoom in, you will see at the end of the table a canvas with a cow’s head painted on it and a writing that reads:  “Tacos de Cabeza”, that stands for Beef’s head tacos. I haven’t tasted that but they sell. 🙂


36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

  1. Hello Cedric,

    So nice of you to stop by my blog and “like” one of my posts. It has allowed me to find you and pay your blog a visit. It is wonderful and I enjoyed reading your “About”. I shall subscribe so I can follow your adventures in life. So great you are enjoying your camera. I sure love mine! It’s addictive. Margie

  2. thirdhandart

    I think that the pinkish tint is cool. With so many people at one table, it reminds me of a Thanksgiving dinner (or breakfast). Great entry!

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