Squirrel caught in the act!

This is the story of a Squirrel caught in the act!

It was one of those days, when nothing seemed to happen in a bookstore, which by the way adopted a tree inside its facilities. A living tree with a living tenant, a Squirrel.

On a day when the bookstore set an Offering on All Saints day (more about this in my previous posts) the squirrel decided to assault the offering and take a piece of bread laying there…

And so it did! In less than an eye blink it went down the tree, took the piece and…. then the piece of bread fell from its hand! That was when the bookstore’s employees saw what was going on. Confused, the squirrel tried a second attack!

It did’t work either! No breakfast morning, perhaps…but

Just when it felt it should run away, was when one guy stretched his arm… not to hold it but to give the bread to the small crook! He might thought that after so many attempts it should have its piece… of bread. So it did, and when it did, it when up with the help of his accomplice, the tree. 🙂


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