A New Member

I wanted to post a tribute to you and take advantage of the Weekly Challenge family.

We, the ones that take the time to share the things we like, the things that we find interesting.. and not even that, we that take the time to read others people’s blog knowing that most of the time they are making an effort to gather things up, touch them a little or too much just so we can have a pice of their heart.

A new beginning, a new road to walk when people dare to start their personal journey. The one knocking inside us to be let out free to be heard. Most of that we do alone, we think, but the truth is there is always someone around us that we barely notice that is there to share a helping hand and hint us the way.

With this images I need to acknowledge YOU. All that read blogs, that subscribe to them, that cheer and that put a part of them when they write down a comment.

As a disciplined family we need to aplaude the new members of this community and help them with their first steps on their way to their purpose. Thank you for taking the time.


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