70 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

  1. Yes Cedric, very interesting. I would be waiting to see who I would have to talk to around me and I would be waiting impatiently for someone to pop the cork on that wine! Cool shot of the table Cedic, I bet good food awaits the patient!

  2. Hola, me parece que tu comentario se refiere a que estas esperando nuevas oportunidades que te abracen cálidamente con la bienvenida que te mereces!!! Seguramente muy pronto tendrás esa oportunidad que te hará renovaste y ser mucho mas exitoso de lo que ya eres con toda mi admiración y carinio, te mando un beso

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  6. This is a great visual for this challenge! Nice perspective and composition! Waiting for his large party of 30 or something else entirely…? What if he’s waiting because everyone at the table ‘went to the bathroom’ all at the same time and stuck him with the check. Hmmmm…. : )

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