Light in the sky

Yesterday I was driving near home and all of the sudden I spotted a strange light. Mexico City is well known for sightings of UFOs. I know this is strange for many people, mostly for the ones that are not close to these kind of events. Be it or not a flying saucer, let you be the judge. The lights at first  were going horizontally, later it took a dive to finally take a curved left. You will see that if you compare the second photograph with the last one.

I also searched on the internet to find out if someone else had seen the same, (just to make sure I was not going crazy) and found a video recorded in August same year with the same light a saw. (Now it makes two crazy heads!).

UPDATE: Found more videos about this happening at: Germany,Japan,Chile, Ibiza,Cusco. Links at the bottom of this post.

Compare second vs. last to see the different directions it took, and at the bottom the link to the video with a similar objetct.


More videos of the same phenomenon at:

This one is from Mexico:








13 thoughts on “Light in the sky

  1. I don’t know what this is, but it’s interesting to ponder. Cool sighting – and even more impressive that you were fast enough to catch it on camera!

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