MX:Mountain Biking

There are so many places where to go Mountain Biking in Mexico. This is the sport I do and like the most. Is just like life itself. It has so many challenges and is up to you how you decide to go through them…

It gives you many faces: from beautiful landscapes to mud or to hills…

…AND… you can be with friends and learn from them and their advices… or not..

I like to think of it as an array of opportunities.  Sometimes you will fall, then get up and try again….

..sometimes you will be in a group or alone.. But you will always have yourself and when looking back one realizes how far one has gone.


10 thoughts on “MX:Mountain Biking

  1. What works best for the terrain in Mexico – hard tail or full suspension? Will a cross-country bike do or must it be a pure mountain bike?

    These shots are delightful. And I’m impressed by the number of people in your bike group.

    1. I actually have one hard tail and one with double suspension. No huge bikes though. There are terrains for any kind. I think it depends more on your preference. I prefer hard tail because the way it drives, it is more maneuverable for me. This tour is one that takes place once a year, that is why there are so many people. Most of the time the groups are reduced to between 3 and 6 persons.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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