65 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

  1. When I was in high school, I saw a documentary on National Geographic about humpback whales. Since then, I have been very fascinated by these gentle giants. In fact, one of my bucket lists is to see and hear humpbacks sing (they do, underwater!).

    Thanks for sharing these photos.

  2. Beautiful photos of majestic whales! It’s so much better to see these fascinating creatures swimming freely in the ocean than in captivity performing for human amusement.

  3. A very beautiful kind of winter … I’d prefer being splashed by one of these rather than from the grey skies. But instead – i can look at these photos. And dream on. Thanks!

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  5. wonderful amazing photos cedric, so exhilarating! the humpbacks come past us here too, they are so entertaining as they teach their young how to tail slap, breach, and generally do all those whale things like waving their flukes … some even give birth here …but they dont mate here as far as I know so your photos are very enlightening … thanks a million!!!!

  6. At the risk of copying everyone else’s comments “Wow”!! Fabulous photos, what an experience. My photos pale into insignificance!! Happy New Year and thanks for popping past my very new blog. Much appreciated.

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