18 comments on “Life gives balance in different ways.

  1. I am going to go out on a limb here and say these were set up and balanced with human hands? I cannot believe that nature could arrange this display of rocks as shown. Either way, it is interesting that they don’t topple over.

  2. Very inspirational, Cedric!
    I remember the story of the grandmother trying to embroider something, while her grandson was looking from below. The grandson said that the embroidery looks aweful from below. The grandmother told him “One day, I’ll sit you on my lap, and I’ll show you how beautiful my work is.”

    God has perfect plans for us, we just need to trust him.

    • Thank you Nelson!
      I have this feeling that our lives in general are perfect, and the problem sometimes is that we are eager to see results immediately. Lack of patience.
      It is fulfilling to just let things go and see how they fall in place… by themselves.

  3. We do have to balance our lives, and if we allow it, The rocks that come in hard times, make the good times even sweeter. Without this balance of good and bad, life would be bland.

  4. Encontrar el Equilibrio? Uyyyy, considero que es una de las cosas mas difíciles; es complicado estar en equilibrio considerando ademas que todo es relativo y cada quien tiene si propio punto de vista. Siempre he creído que el destino de nuestras vidas es una combinacion: esta en manos de dios y esta también en nosotros!!  you’ll be Just fine!

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