Light in the Sky 2

I was supposed to be done for the night, when I went out to walk the dog and saw two star vertically aligned and kind of moving aside.

I went back into my house and got my camera, just like I did the last time I posted Light in the Sky (I didn’t know I was going to see another weird thing) Previous post HERE.

This Is what I capture. These things are called ebanis (google it and you will see), you can look up for them on the internet, there are by the thousands.

I leave the images for you to make your own conclusions. Double click the image to enlarge it.


12 thoughts on “Light in the Sky 2

  1. Is there anybody out there? I liked the 2nd video from your other link. It added to the suspense. These lights are pretty but suspect. I noticed last week our skies were heavily criss-crossed with chem trails. I have to wonder why?

  2. Cedric que suerte que hayas podido ver évanis, las fotos están muy padres, vi otros videos y se que toman diferentes formas te toco ver que se movieran? 🙂

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