This little pieces you see: legs, arms, little children, men on their knees are called miracles. These are offered when you ask a Saint or Virgin or God for a favor, being this to have someone healed or a terrible problem solved.

And people set these on when the miracle happens…

…and as you can see, The Diven is very generous… and simple men are grateful..

…This is the Basilica of the Virgin of the Remedies.

Also, people used to nail altarpieces on the walls… (please note this is from the 50’s)

…But they don’t fit no more…

Perhaps this is why God is too busy now. But not to worry, the policy remains: first come first served, unless there is an emergency.


12 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Hola! Que te puedo decir al respecto si tengo a mis santitos en mi cartera y a mi virgencita del pozo tan milagrosa en mi casa!!! Me encanto el blog de hoy, tomas tan buenas fotos que valdría la pena que un dia le tomaras foto a todos los listones que le pone la gente a San Charbel, yo he ido a la iglesia de San Agustín a pedir mi milagrito y si me ha
    cumplido 🙂

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