34 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. Striking photos! The first one is a great contrast between those towers which are already standing and the cranes heralding the arrival of new ones yet to be built.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice choices for contrast! I see a contrast between the busy street – crowded with congested traffic, the cranes with noisy construction going on, and a few trees visible among it all, in the first photo; and the almost empty street, without the crowded busyness or noise of traffic, construction and equipment, with landscaped trees and shrubs, portraying a more tranquil scene in the second photo.

    Also, the first one looks like a commercial area, and the second one a residential area. Lots of contrasts to see in both photos!

  3. The last photo is perfect for the challenge, it is great when you have a recent photo that works. It is disappointing when you don’t have anything ready 🙂

  4. nice cedric! i am always so glad when some of the old buildings are retained to remind people how buildings were once graceful and on a human scale 🙂

  5. Second picture certainly has a nice contrast with the little bit of grassy spot thriving on its own alongside all the man-made structures . . . love it! 🙂

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