13 comments on “Color TV, Mexican Invention

  1. What would you like to invent, Cedric? Something realistic like the Color TV or something imaginable like a machine which produces clothes based on your own thoughts (great for those who don’t like shopping that much! )?

  2. If I could have invented anything in the world, it would have been duct tape. Having said that, it is cool to know that Mr. Camareana was smart enough to take a Patent out, and thus able to take credit for his work.

  3. When I was little we used a plastic that covered the screen. Said plastic had color hues that made you think you were watching TV in color. The actual color TV has lasted a bit longer. I know this must sound crazy to you young whipper snappers.

  4. a mexican invented the color TV, and gary fong invented the lightsphere (which, i can attest, is amazing!), and you can invent whatever your heart desires! keep that spirit alive and i’m pretty sure you’ll have something amazing soon. 🙂

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