Color TV, Mexican Invention

Some might think this was just a catchy header.

Well, the truth is that back in 1942 a fellow mexican invented a divice that would add color to monochromatic TVs.

Still skeptic?  ….this inventor sold its patent to RCA that would bring later a huge dispute with CBS.

Not getting your attention, still?


This engineer Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena patented his invention in the US in 1942.

Need some proof? 🙂

….Not only did he invented such device,  he was the first one in the world to actually broadcast a color TV transmission in 1946!

Later his innovation would be used by NASA and would be included in SONY’s Tv sets.

You can actually find the patent HERE at google patents.

And some other references HERE.

…I should start thinking about inventing something…


12 thoughts on “Color TV, Mexican Invention

  1. What would you like to invent, Cedric? Something realistic like the Color TV or something imaginable like a machine which produces clothes based on your own thoughts (great for those who don’t like shopping that much! )?

  2. If I could have invented anything in the world, it would have been duct tape. Having said that, it is cool to know that Mr. Camareana was smart enough to take a Patent out, and thus able to take credit for his work.

  3. When I was little we used a plastic that covered the screen. Said plastic had color hues that made you think you were watching TV in color. The actual color TV has lasted a bit longer. I know this must sound crazy to you young whipper snappers.

  4. a mexican invented the color TV, and gary fong invented the lightsphere (which, i can attest, is amazing!), and you can invent whatever your heart desires! keep that spirit alive and i’m pretty sure you’ll have something amazing soon. 🙂

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