16 comments on “A Better Life

  1. I’ll keep this film in mind. Another film I recently watched was “The Visitor”. It’s about the friendship between a professor and an illegal immigrant in the US, who gets arrested and is threaten with deportation.

    • I just saw the description of The Visitor in the IMDB.org. I will try to get a hold of it and see it. The visitor talks about a guy from Connecticut and a couple from Syria and another person from Senegal.
      People have an inner desire to have a better life, even if that means to do some traveling… Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I will definitely make a note of this, it’s my sort of film. Maybe partly because I have a great love for Mexico and spent some weeks there every winter between 1973 and 1983, when I lived in western Canada. I loved the people, the food, and the music. In fact I’ve just downloaded some Mariachi music. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I have this film coming from Netflix today, and can’t wait to see it. Thank you so much for mentioning that illegal immigration is more than just Mexicans crossing into the US.It happens in all other countries by many people who just want a better life. I believe that there is an abundance all over our world to allow for sharing everywhere with everyone.
    My work everyday is with legal and illegal immigrants, helping them to get healthcare and take care of themselves both physically and mentally. And, (as you might guess) I’m passionate about this.

  4. Personally, I think the NAFTA Highway running up the middle of Mexico, robbing farmers of their land is the culprit behind a lot of illegal immigration into the United States. There are a lot of reasons this is a problem (and like you said, illegal immigration is a World wide problem). You can thank the NWO Elite that are trying to erase borders, and the Sovereignty of Nations World wide. Sadly, if we let them, the people (all of us, regardless of Nationality) will become slaves to a few Elite families and Corporations that want to rule us all. Just look at the IMF(in bed with the Federal Reserve) and Monsanto as two of the major players. Look too at organizations like the CFR, the UN, etc. These agencies are all designed to create a NWO. Many of the movies and TV shows shown today are conditioning people’s attitudes to accept the change in political evolution.

    • Don’t know where to start…
      ok. I do agree with you totally. And to be truthful I could say down underneath, there is a conspiracy. Perhaps you have seen Zeitgeist if not for some reason I think you will like it. Link here.

      I believe people have the right of having a better life, a way to be happy. And that doesn’t necessary mean traveling illegally to another country. I would start with being able to express myself without censorship. And that would be a great start.

      Thank you for writing here what you think and believe, hopefully access to information will be an unchallengeable right!!

      • Hi Cedric, I am very well aware of what is going on behind the political mask our Government(s) wear. I’ve watch Zeitgeist, The Money Masters, etc. One link I’ve shared often is actually a website that has documentaries on about any subject you would like to explore further. It is http://freedoocumentaries.org . There are numerous videos listed there and I think Zeitgeist is one of them. I agree, anyone that hasn’t watched it, should. The people need to be aware of the corrupt leaders that are leading us all right over a cliff. They can only do it if we let them. That is why I am such an avid Ron Paul supporter. He is the only hope I see in bringing America, and in turn, the World back into some semblance of order.

      • That was the fastest reply I have had ever!

        I am glad that people is starting to realize that there is something fishy going on in this world order and that people, generally speaking should have their soul-rights to follow what they need and feel. I haven’t visited that link but will do for sure!

        We should meet sometime and have a cup of coffe and talk about it!

        Now, can I get a free copy of your book now? (just kidding, but if it is in Amazon I will order it!)

        Thank you thank you so much! You and all make my blogging experience a magnificent one!

  5. Hi Cedric,

    My problem with talking politics and Illuminati is I don’t know when to shut up. Our cup of coffee might last for days, once I get started. I just signed up to (hopefully) become a delegate for Ron Paul to try to put him in the White House. I hate to tell the GOP, but if Paul doesn’t get the nod, I am not backing any of the other candidates with ties to the CFR just because they are republicans. I’ll vote 3rd party first. So anyway, are you sure you wanted to open that can of worms? LOL, I can go on for days …..

    This is the link to Amazon, if you really are interested in my book. Actually, despite the fact that it is supposedly a children’s book, most adults that have read it, have enjoyed it. I could write a book about “How Orples Came To Be, Came To Be”. If I ever do, that will be the title. 🙂 And life goes on. 🙂


    My next book should be out next week, it only has 37 pages, almost as many words, but less illustrations than the original book …. watch out, I’m gearing up for a series of orple adventures. LOL . If you read it, I’d be curious to find out how you like it …. honest opinion only, please.

    • I will take a look at it for sure, the only thing is that by the time it arrives to Mexico you will probably would have written about Orples’ great-grand-children. 🙂 (I just gave you how the saga will continue…)

      and on the other topics, I am all ears…………………………………………………………………………………

  6. Okay, I’m going with your line Cedric . . . don’t know where to start!?! First, thank you for sharing the information about the movie (haven’t seen it but hope to soon) and second, the right time for a better life is always now. The only thing I know when difficult situations come up and answers are not clear is to offer it up to prayer, asking for Divine wisdom and guidance. His plans never fail.

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