This Month’s song: Love Aches.

Love Aches or Duele el Amor in spanish and easy soft pop song sang by mexican Aleks Syntek.

I hope you go through it all as it is a nice song.

Just sit, close your eyes and listen.



4 thoughts on “This Month’s song: Love Aches.

  1. This is a pretty song, although admittedly, I didn’t understand a word of it. I have a friend who plays professionally that is bilingual and he does a beautiful Spanish song. If I had the link, I would share it with you as a thank you for your share. But alas, I don’t. Sorry about that. 😦

  2. El amor verdadero es para mi el sentimiento mas grande, maravilloso y sincero que ademas me hace feliz, pero en efecto como dice la canción a veces ‘Duele el amor’, la canción que escogiste esta hermosa!!! 

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