Centro Ceremonial Otomi (2nd part)

Some time ago a posted a picture from the Centro Ceremonial Otomi but didn’t really mention much about it.

The Otomis are an ancient culture and a language. In times of The Conquista they helped Hernan Cortes to fight the Aztecs.

This Center is placed in Otomi land at more than 3,000 meters above sea level. It has more than 50 hectares. There you can see some reproductions of meeting sites of old residents.

Today this Center hosts more than 1,500 sportsman and women every year, where at least 200 are professional. It has the capacity to harbor 120 persons distributed in three shelters.

The Otomi Center is a champion factory for Boxing. There is also a 3km track for runners. Several State Team representatives train here for several sports.

Its facilities include: 3 shelters, massage area, 2 Jacuzzis, two lunch rooms for up to 300 persons, basquetbol court, two running tracks one 3 kms and another of 2 kms long. Two gyms, one Boxing gym and an auditorium for 80 persons.

In the site there are 12 cones or silos each one representing an Otomi generation.

Here the Coloso Plaza where you can see Tahaay, master of fire and life, guarded by the Da-mishi mural, the jaguar that talks and walks.

There are 52 hugh sculptures guarding the place around it. They simbolize two intertwined snakes and represent the same amount of years of the pre-hispanic cycle.


10 thoughts on “Centro Ceremonial Otomi (2nd part)

    1. This is in the State of Mexico. I know it sounds just like Mexico, but is an adjacent state. Actually, one of the James Bond’s film was taken there. the one with Timothy Dalton? They used it as a set!

      1. I need to get a map out and brush up on my geography a bit. In the meantime, I feel like I am learning a lot just by visiting the blogs. I just learned something new from you just now. Thanks for the info, Cedric. I did not know. 😉

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