Graffiti, Invasive?

At least in this part of the world, Graffiti is forbidden. Actually if you get caught you can spend some time kept behind bars… right?

What about when these are real art expressions?  Would Picasso or Dali  be prisoner because they gave some color strokes to a dull wall? Perhaps not now. What about when they were totally strangers?

And would they if they were kind of crazy?  What about then all those masterpieces like the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe?

And if graffiti is to embellish some plain wall?

One thing I am certain of. People who do graffiti are quick with their cans! They will come, paint and fly before getting caught!

What would one get if they were to have some free space of their own to paint on their imagination?


16 thoughts on “Graffiti, Invasive?

  1. I would consider the wall shown above to be a mural, not graffiti. If anything, the owner of the building should be paying the artist for the fine job he did in dressing up his drab wall. In Richmond, Virginia (and I’m sure in a lot of other cities) many of the building exteriors are painted with murals, and I doubt they come cheap. To me, graffiti is dirty words and sayings spray painted here and there. And sometimes, even the trash drawings can be attractive, if the words are too intense for the general public.

    1. i am with you! In MX things are a little bit different! There are some that are real masterpieces! Some last longer than others. Painters, or may I say artists sometimes ask the owners of the walls to let them paint them. That is when they last longer. Thank you for your comments!

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