Got Myself a New Camera

I just got a Canon G12!

I already own a Canon 50D and it is a fine camera. The only inconvenient is that has big body and big lenses. So far so good, but when it comes to traveling to another country some other issues show up.

Carrying a big bag can be exhausting and it depends a lot on the purpose of the trip! …anyways.. On my last trip I didn’t want to carry my big camera so I took with me my Olympus  Stylus Tough wich is great for outdoors. It is actually the one I use for Mountain Biking. The problem with that camera is that it has a shiny metal case, so when used indoors or for street photography the objects will reflect back the light into the lens, causing over exposed photographs.

What is the beauty of the Canon G12?  For a pocket camera (well, it’s a little bit bigger) it has may functions just like the ones my  50D has.

It has a lens equivalent to a 28-135 mm which gives you pretty good close ups and zoom in.  Photos can be saved as JPG or RAW and MOV pictures, image stabilization, viewfinder with dioptometric adjustment, color YRGB histograms, LCD swivels and photo modes like AV,TV,P,Manual, Auto and customs.

So, this is a very nice camera for traveling when you don’t want to carry all your heavy gear.


20 thoughts on “Got Myself a New Camera

  1. Great Cedric! i know just what yo mean about carrying too much. I have a 450d and three lenses but hate carrying it all – I know the 450d is small compared to the 50d! I’ve thought about getting something like the g12 but I know that then I wouldn’t use the dslr at all! i waited a long time to buy it, it’s my dream camera so to put it away now would be awful. I look forward to seeing your g12 photos!

  2. My friend has a G12 and I have tried it out. it’s great. I would also like one, but then I think I rather would like to spend my money on a new lens… though choices.. 🙂 Hope you will enjoy your new camera a lot.

  3. Jona Bering | Backpacking with a Book

    It’s one of my dreams! A compact camera with the functions of a DSLR! A DSLR is just too bulky!

  4. AAyyy No sabes como me gustaría una de estas!! La verdad es que miraba con cariño esta camarita en su edición G9 pero ya ni las hacen y una G12 no me caería nada mal… A ver si pa mi cumple…. ja!

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