9 comments on “Skulls and Pumpkins for Sale

    • Well not really. In this town there is a lot of pottery, so people there is always doing something different now and then. We don’t really celebrate Halloween even though it has become very popular. We celebrate the day of the Death that matches the day of all saints.

  1. There is an artist who lives near me who carves skulls out of walnut shells. I admire the skill while disliking the results. I wouldn’t want to buy a skull made from anything. And pumpkins are things I like to eat!

    • I have about 3 skulls at home. I think it is a matter of culture. We learn to mock about death, so it is not difficult for us though I understand that is not a lot the same from other places. I had a friend from Chile who just couldn’t touch a skull made from papier-matche!

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