53 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

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  2. I live in a small town with less than 2500 inhabitants. In the winter it swells to 10 times that because of cartesters from all over the world – and rush hour here means there are 50 cars on the main streets at the same time. I don’t think I could handle the traffic in Mexico City – but I do like your picture!


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  4. Yikes! Like here in the U.S., where we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway! For my husband’s last job we lived in the Washington, D.C. area where traffic is like this every morning, only 3 – 5 lanes across. He arranged to take the train to work, which sometimes took just as long but at least he could read, study, or sleep on the trip.
    Interesting lights and reflections in this shot.


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  8. Whoa…crazy. It looks like Hawai’i too, except its just a million people on the road. Nonetheless, traffic sucks. LOL


  9. this is a damn good shot for the theme….and well I thought traffic jams are a gift only for the Indian roads….. ;-)…but this sure is one arrangement you would like to avoid at any given time !!


  10. Hola esa foto es en el segundo piso!!! Y eso es todos los dias, lo bieno es que el regreso si es sรบper fluido !!!! ๎…๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฒ๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฎ๎€›๎…š๎ฎ๎€›๎…š


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