Botero, and The Story

Botero is a Colombian figurative artist. (Don’t ask me, I copied that off Wikipedia). Okay, if you insist: is often taken to mean art which represents the human figure.

These artwork exhibition is at the Palace of Fine Arts, yes, in Mexico City.

And the story goes…(had to add flavor to the sculptures..)

“Searching for Botero’s model anyone can look alike. (not really certain but still..) No. not that one between the sculpture’s legs.

What beauty could have such dimensions and still look so soft?

And the greek girls would gossip about her Tan so perfectly evenly distributed… but even then will wonder if it was natural or artificial…

I don’t care, she says as she feels the greek girls’ sting-like eyes… Oh envy! Who wouldn’t like to have such a smooth and shiny skin… (and size?)

Let my brown noble steed take me away to a far unknown land… but!

… I should rest for the long journey. Let the sun’s rays heal the mark of wondering eyes…

…for the sun will wash away the doubts of my beauty, never concealed….

..faithful friend, faithful steed, be ready for my “hop” to depart away and never look back…

…and you stranger! hold thy hand! (there is an actual hand cleaning the sculpture) as I am a promised bouquet for the wondering….

Man… ride.. ride away, and see my road ahead foretelling the loving companion.


(No animal was hurt during the getaway)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

I didn’t know what to post today. I realized I didn’t have a picture with a sun in it. For two days I planned to get up  very early and take pictures to the sun. That didn’t happen.

Today I went on my usual mountain biking ride and when I spotted a path I took my iphone to take a picture of it. Then I thought back and say,hey lets get the sun through the trees! And this is what I got.

One of my biking paths called “El Moño” ( The Bow):