18 comments on “Mini Cooper – Do Not Touch

  1. Funny Cedric! Okay, touching with our eyes!! Touch, touch . . . can’t help it, as you see, the car is very cute and the color is ‘smashing!’ 😉

    • This car is so cute! there is another retail store that has one, a blue one. It is a store that sells clothing for men.. but, I wasn’t allowed to take photographs at the mall…well will sneak back again to get that photo! Thank you for your visits!

  2. The color reminds of Easter eggs and think I’ve just discovered my shade of nail polish color for the spring.

    I’m not sure a car that color would get the necessary level of respect necessary for the type of aggressive driving that goes on here in NYC. 🙂

  3. I’ll bet these little puppies are fuel efficient. They can’t possibly burn much gasoline or have a very large fuel tank either. … my kind of car. 🙂

  4. My first car was a Cherry Red Mini and then I had a lovely Navy blue one….difficult to hoover inside though…I always used to get in a right tussle with the wires!!!

  5. Ay que divino esta ese Mini Cooper, y en rosa esta de dulceeee es lo maaximo estoy segura que vi uno color azul en Galerías Atizapan (era ese el coche de Austin Powers no ?) a mi me gustan los coches grandes pero a ese Baby me lo llevo el próximo shopping que haga en Sexy Jeans!!!!, por cierto que buena onda que te dejaron tomar la foto are you ready for a Pink ride ? 

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