24 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. This is a really great interpretation Cedric, very well done! That first grave is something else, that’s for sure! I also like the one of the guy that had an affair with Frida Kahlo – she was an interesting artist and I was at one of her exhibitions (post-mortem) in Norway as a teenager.


    • Passing to the other life seems to be a delicate subject. We were raised knowing that death was at the reach of a shoulder (“Don Juan’s Teachings”,Carlos Castaneda). Many people don’t like it. Perhaps showing that wonderful trip to that unknown land is far better. Still, is a journey that we will do. Why not having it present?

      Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your comments and your time!


  2. Dolores del Rio was indeed very beautiful and the waltz almost sounds like something Disney films would or perhaps used in their animated films. The harp playing was exquisite! Wonderful journey Cedric! Thanks for the tour 🙂


  3. I liked your interpretation of journey. And I like cemeteries. They have a sense of tranquility. I was also thinking of taking shots of cemeteries when I was in Singapore. But didn’t have the time. Anyway, your shots were great! 🙂


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