My City: Day and Nite

I Live in the suburbs of Mexico City. I took this photographs today. Since Mexico City is a Valley the surroundings are on higher land.

The city’s population ranges around 25 million souls, traffic is quite complicated and moving around the city sometimes, not always, is a nightmare. Nevertheless it has all the advantages of a big city. (still wondering which are they 🙂 )

Arriving by plane at night to the city is a charm! One can see an endless tablecloth of lights.

In this picture below, there is a McDonalds sign. If you can tell me where it is, you will get a price!


17 thoughts on “My City: Day and Nite

  1. jenkakio

    I’ve been to Mexico City once and I had a lot of fun. I was amazed by the traffic. To me, it looked like a organized chaos, almost like a dance. Beautiful pictures, makes me want to go back again and drink some margaritas and eat some fresh fish tacos by the beach.

    OH, I see the McDonald’s sign. Kinda on the right upper hand side of the photo, right beneath the mountain. LOL That was fun!

  2. 😀 Ya encontre McDonalds.. No se cual es el premio pero por favor no quiero ni papas ni hamburgesas…. que horor.. se encuentran en cada lugar y con la comida mexicana tan sabrosa… para que lo necesitan 😉

  3. The prize!! I will send a postcard from Mexico to the first 18 visitors that liked this post IF they send me an email : implicado A t g ma i l D ot Com. no later than april 16th. In the email subject type “postcard”. (sorry about the email, it is just in case a robot grabs it and spams me!)
    By the way. I misspelled “price”…instead of prize! Thank you for “ignoring” my typo!

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