In the Mood

I went to the gym the other day. I was talking to the lady on the front desk and as I turned around I saw all this people leaning on each other. What is it? I asked. Yoga class, she replied.

I am not really into yoga. Seen these people made me wonder about trust, confidence, letting go… So well, yes, we should  all be taking yoga if we can give in and be ourselves just like that.  Unfortunately my business experience with clients and work associates even some friends is far from being that close, and I bet these people don’t even really know each other!!

How much could one give to another person if we would only have an excuse?

I am still wondering if I should talk to the guy that works with me  that likes gossiping all the time about my personal affairs… perhaps I just need to grow up a little bit so I just won’t care.


12 thoughts on “In the Mood

  1. Cassie

    Wow, that kind of yoga class would be nothing for me. Maybe with close friends (even though I think I would enjoy that neither), but with complete strangers?

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