31 comments on “Flash News! Popocatepetl Active Volcano

  1. Hey Cedric, just checking back in with you. What is your status where you live? Are they evacuating? Be safe. That first shot you can send into a magazine or something. It is scary but outstanding.

  2. I see you are still safe…do earthquakes happen with volcanic activity? Just wondering since you brought it up.
    Great photos in the meantime 🙂

      • Maybe the earthquakes happen because of the volcanic rumblings . . . oh, I hope the Trouser holds up during the earthquakes! Guess I shouldn’t poke fun since it is rather a serious thing. Excuse me.
        Stay safe and not too close to the volcano while trying to get a photo 😉

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  5. An erupting volcano is always a fascination and a fear. Have you heard that our volcano in Hawaii, Kilauea, has been erupting fairly steadily for 20+ years and lava has wiped out many houses, but people come from far and wide to see it. You can get fairly close, therefore it is a tourist attraction.

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