Somewhere in Time

I was on my City ride last sunday, I rather go to the mountains but a good friend of mine insisted so I came along.

At the distance, I saw a violinist and got off my bike to take some photographs. At the beginning, it was just another street character and for me, he just looked like another target of my camera.

Then I heard to the lovely song that I like so much and that reminds me so many things…

It just sounded like this, and after I heard such a lovely piece it brought color all around the street. Please, enjoy it for yourserlf.


16 thoughts on “Somewhere in Time

  1. Holaaaa, ya escuche la melodía, todo en ese escenario es perfecto; la violinista, el pianista, la iluminación del lugar y un final impecable. Las fotos de este blog, como siempre requete buenas y esa forma que tienes para describir el mundo que te rodea, es única en verdad eres todo un artista. Dices que la pieza que escuchaste te trae recuerdos, seguro que son muy muy bonitos. 

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