Reforma Avenue and The Chapultepec Castle

This is Reforma Avenue. I took these pictures when I went up the column of the Angel of Independence. Magnificent view. It was a shame that it was cloudy. Also you will notice a lot of people using their bikes. It’s Sunday, when the city closes all car access to this streets so families can go biking.

Far out what would seem the end of the avenue is the Castle of Chapultepec. Yes, a Castle. Here a battle took place around 1845. It was the Mexican-American War. Yep. We had our “share” too, but that is another story.

Below, I made a zoom to the Castle. To the right, is a Amusment Park, named Chapultepec. (very creative) You can see the Russian Mountain, the third largest in the world made of wood.


16 thoughts on “Reforma Avenue and The Chapultepec Castle

  1. Holaaa
    Reforma es una de las avenidas mas bellas; a mi me gusta mucho y que decir del Castillo de Chapultepec en diciembre lo visite después de muchos anios y esta precioso; ahora que fui me acorde que en Chapultepec estaba la Casa de los Espejos, yo de lo que me acuerdo es que me fascinaba que me llevaran de paseo, creo que ya cerraron esa entrada, ahora que estuve por allá me tome una foto, ya que ese era mi lugar preferido. Como siempre, tus fotos muy padres!! 

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