Chickens and Eggs Advertising

Bachoco is mexican chicken and eggs distributor and processor. They have some ads that for us are very original. Playing with words is their main attribute, so I’ll show you and will make a translation into english.

This one is an Ipod Chicken. In spanish they use the “hay”  as a way to pronounce the  “I” , and later  “pollo” (a way to call chickens). Together it sounds like “iPod”.

This one means: egss with green beans. If you were to translate into spanish it would read something like “Rabbit Egg”, that is why it has bunny ears!

Boiled Egg, and inn spanish they mean Sewn Egg. 🙂

Pollito con papas, translated would be Chick with potatoes, but what they are saying is Chick with their dads.(Papa without accent means potato, with accent it means fathers).

This one is a collection:

1. The Chicken from Mexico, because it is placed in the National Voter ID credential.

2.The chicken with a good leg, and show the Can Can dance.

3.An original egg, because it has a high-end brand tag.

4.A fresh egg, because is just being painted.

I hope that you have found some of these funny. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Chickens and Eggs Advertising

    1. That is one of my favorites. There is another that I couldn’t find, called Egg with cold, but they show an egg with beans. The thing is that on a coloquial way, Frijol (bean) is like being cold (frio). See? Frijol – Frio. Words trick!

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