The Road Starts With The First Step

One of the things I like the most is Mountain Biking, and even though I like it that much, I don’t write postS about it as much as I would like.

Between concrete and the woods is a big step. It is not the driving. It is not the distance. It is the transition.

I feel quite happy every weekend that I get to go. Must of the time we don’t have a plan on where to go, we just hit the mountain.

The road starts with the first step, or with the first pedal, perhaps… it is when I can realize that everything has a purpose, and it’s up to me to find it.

That moment is the only thing that matters.


20 thoughts on “The Road Starts With The First Step

  1. Broken Light: A Photography Collective

    Great shot and story. If you are a match for our gallery (photographer with a connection to mental health issues, self or others, or just feel for the cause) we would welcome a submission from you. We’re doing self portraits for May in case you would like to send this or others.

      1. That’s a nice trail for a horse, Cedric, if you take it slow in case of unseen holes. Maybe you need to trade in your bike for a fine steed. 😉 LOL … Get two, and maybe I’ll come ride with you … I wish.

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