Sunflower, the second flower I like the best. The first, the Tulip, but it is hard to get Tulips in Mexico. Not the kind of weather. Anyways, it is said that sunflowers follow the sun. I haven’t really seen it but lets be naive and believe.  They look so strong and so full of themselves…


13 thoughts on “Sunflower

  1. Juliana

    I love sunflowers!! We have lots here in Kansas. Our state flower. I can see the plants growing but won’t bloom for a few weeks yet. I am ready for them!

    Love your photos. Gorgeous!

      1. Juliana

        Kansas State. Live in the middle of the state near Salina in a small Swedish town. There are many different kinds of sunflowers. Some are huge and much taller than I am!!!

  2. I used to have two pots of sunflowers when I was in high school. I read somewhere that sunflowers follow the sun. So I decided to observe when the first sunflower bloomed. And indeed, when the sun rises they face the direction of the sun. And when it’s time for the sun to set, the flowers bow down until the next day when the sun will again rise up. It was amazing! 🙂

  3. The fountain behind the flowers, and the tree behind the fountain all appear to be one object … cool effect. The flowers almost look like they carry a head-dress. Nice take, Cedric.

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