Family on Wheels

They are so cute!  See the helmets from the kids. Have you notice the ladybug that the youngest kid is wearing?

Today is when a great number of streets are closed for families to go out biking, roller skating or on scooters. This day was lots of fun!


18 thoughts on “Family on Wheels

    1. it was really so very cute!! I loved it. Of course, I couldn’t dare wearing one of those when I go to the mountain! All my friends would try to steel it from me!! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Ich weiß, wer du bist!! Thank you for visiting my blog! Muchas gracias por seguirme. Ya veo que tienes un blog! Ya te sigo.. y vi algunos posts tuyos. Tienes Mucho que escribir y enseñar! Felicitaciones!

      1. Dein Deutsch ist ja sehr gut! Die Welt ist klein! Ich werde mir heute Deinen Blog genauer anschauen, ich habe da bereits viel Interessantes gesehen. Liebe Grüsse! P.S. El Google Translator te puede ayudar con esto! jajajaja Saludos!!!

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