17 comments on “Keep Them Honest

  1. Great entry! Love the bench! How cool is that?!

    I played poker once for the first and only time.. first all the guys were out (complaining about us girls, who did not really react as they thought we would, when they were taking all the risks/ bluffing). I played it safe, until I knew what I was doing. I acted sure, when I was not, and not so sure when I was. Worked! In the end I had 3/4 of the poker chips… I would have won, but then my ride home wanted to go and I took every risk, no matter how bad my hand was.. At the end, we agreed that we both have won (it could have gone on for hours), but I got the prize! It was so much fun, but we never played it again. Maybe all the guys were afraid of us 😀

    • Cassie! that’s pretty good! I have to admit, that I am quite bad at card games. I even loose just by looking others play! hahaha! One thing is certain I will not, by any means play with you cards! I will for sure loose any game! 🙂

      • 😀 Funny!
        Maybe that was beginner’s luck. We tried role-play once, too. I was not so lucky there. My character got glued to a door-knob. We never continued the game (and never will). So the way I see it: I’am going forever to be stuck at that door. It really bugs me 🙂

  2. Looks like a good landmark to me. I’m sure once you stumble across this unique little bench, you’ll remember where you saw it, and use it as a reference point or a place to meet, later. I would if I lived in the area.

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