Handicap Parking

Sorry about the repetitive bike theme, but that’s what I do all weekends. Anyways,  we left or bikes locked on a light pole and left for a walk on the street, when we came back we realized there was a handicap sign. First, we didn’t intend to park our bikes there, then we thought.

Wait a minute, there is no access to the sidewalk, there is no parking allowed on this street, how did this sign get here? We came to the conclusion that City Hall had some extra signs and just placed them on random places!


8 thoughts on “Handicap Parking

  1. Holaaaa, tienes toda la razón, las bicis pueden quedarse allí. Descansaaaaaaa ojalá hayas tenido un muy buen día. saluditos y buenas noches!!

  2. Your city government might be smarter than you think Cedric. They put up a sign in an obscure place, thinking no one will take it seriously, then write you a ticket for not obeying the rules. Of course they win the case, since there was indeed a sign there. Pretty slick on their behalf, if that’s the reason for placing the sign where it is not needed. What a tricky way to bring in revenue for the city. 😉 I hope for your sake, I’m wrong. But, I don’t trust governments anymore (on any level), so I’d have probably played it safe, and parked my bike elsewhere. 🙂

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