8 comments on “Handicap Parking

  1. Holaaaa, tienes toda la razón, las bicis pueden quedarse allí. Descansaaaaaaa ojalá hayas tenido un muy buen día. saluditos y buenas noches!!

  2. Maybe they’re planning to put in a ramp to make it accessible – some day, some year?? But that sign looks like it’s been there quite a while, waiting! 😉

  3. Your city government might be smarter than you think Cedric. They put up a sign in an obscure place, thinking no one will take it seriously, then write you a ticket for not obeying the rules. Of course they win the case, since there was indeed a sign there. Pretty slick on their behalf, if that’s the reason for placing the sign where it is not needed. What a tricky way to bring in revenue for the city. 😉 I hope for your sake, I’m wrong. But, I don’t trust governments anymore (on any level), so I’d have probably played it safe, and parked my bike elsewhere. 🙂

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