You famous? Not me and … guess what? neither is he. And it is not that he is asking her for her phone number (that I tried, didn’t work! 🙂 )

This man had a long line of women waiting. I thought he was like someone known? That by the way, I didn’t. So I got closer to find out that what he was doing was writing  person’s name in Arabic for some coins… and it was working! (could it be the looks?).

I should give it a try, I do not know arabic but I can give hugs!…No, those are free. Would kisses work? I will tell you next  weekend.


26 thoughts on “Autographs?

  1. how do we (or they?!!) know he was writing their names in Arabic!? perhaps he wrote, “A fool and her money are soon parted!”
    Regardlesss, it’s a great shot Cedric, and says alot about your eye as a photographer (in any language!) 🙂

  2. Okay Cedric, we’re getting your number,now … you are obviously a flirt, or at least a wanna-bee, aren’t you? LOL. Good luck with those hugs and kisses.

  3. I am just surprised I wasn’t following this blog before. You have some lovely posts and photographs!

    Oh, and I am sure, the queue was definitely for a little more than the Arabic script 😀
    He smiles with his eyes!

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