Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment


Huapango, 100 Years Old.

Today is the birth aniversary of Pablo Moncayo, 100th years ago.

I will not get you bored with details, so I will go quick, He was born today minus 100 years. (let’s see that math of yours 🙂 )

He wrote Huapango a master piece that totally represents mexicans.  It is contemporary music, so if you are a little bit into Classical, you will get to like it.

It is not dull at all, on the contrary, it has flute and trompet dialogs, harps talking to each other and percussions that lead the rest of the instruments triumphantly!

Lets make a deal. Click on the video and listen to it while you browse other’s blogs. You will like it I promise or else, the refund of the post. 🙂

Xochimilco, Canals of Colour

Xochimilco is a 170 KM canal system. These canals are all of what is left of what used to be a vast lake and canal system that extended over most parts of the Valley of Mexico.

This system of waterways was used for transportation means from the pre-Hispanic period until the 20th century.These remaining canals and their ecosystem were declared a World Heritage Site in 1987.

Night At The Ballet

For the weekly Photo Challenge: Create, I thought about all the effort that a Ballet play needs to have to in order to communicate feelings, state of minds, emotions… that it happens at the moment to later just be remembered and  kept as a cherished memory. On the photographing side I didn’t realized how hard it is to keep up with the camera settings every time the lighting changes.At every instant, creation was taking place.

Double click the photo to see it enlarged.


Flowers seem to turn into a challenge. I don’t know how to use macro lenses or how to take shots at flowers. By the way, Thank you all kind souls that cheer me up on my previous post about flowers.

Since flowers and I are geting aquainted, I will be getting closer and closer to them until I get how to do some of those amazing shots I see at my fellow bloggers posts!

I recommend to double-click the image to see it full.