14 comments on “Who Steers your Wheel?

  1. Interesting question, undoubtedly as I have got older my life has been increasingly influenced by the demands of being a parent & grandparent. This is a good way to live.

    • My belief is that as long as there is a genuine decision to share yourself, one will always have a balanced life with all the demands around us. 🙂 Thank you for visiting!

  2. I’d say that we have to balance the two – we have to work toward our own goals and needs, but it’s normal to have one of our goals be helping the people we care about, and also helping people in general!

  3. Holaaa, tus blogs siempre me dejan pensando.., pues como dices hay que desear y estar convencidos de lo que queremos, del “como” se encarga el Universo. Me da un gusto enorme que tus planes y objetivos se están clarificando y haciendo realidad, como siempre te lo he dicho tu te lo mereces TODO, y lo vas a tener, que tengas un muy bonito fin!!! 

  4. I think I steer my wheels, but at the same time I allow the people I love to influence my life. I think a right balance of inner and outer influences is making my life better.
    Glad to know you’re getting on the right tracks now 🙂

  5. Cedrique,
    A thoughtful post. There are definitely those who believe that if you do what pleases you, things fall into place. As others have said, balance is important; how lucky you are to have found that balance!

  6. uff te entiendo perfectamente…. a veces tienes que tomar decisiones que equilibran tu balanza y desestabilizan a otros, no siempre podemos ser complacientes por no herir a los otros. Vamos cediendo nuestra parcela trocito a trocito y un día nos damos cuenta de que tenemos que girar 180º porque nos hemos desviado demasiado de nuestro deseo original. 😉

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