You Are So Vain

Peacocks, beautiful animals. Double click the image to see it enlarged.


20 thoughts on “You Are So Vain

      1. The challenge was to describe, my dear Cedric. Now look what you’ve done … the dogs are going berserk looking for that damned bird! That was a wonderful moment – thank you for supplying it:)

  1. Cedric, que divinas fotos tomaste!! Me fascinan los pavorreales y esos colores brillantes que tienen azul eléctrico y verde, en me gustan mucho.
    Tomaste las fotos de estos amiguitos en el museo de Dolores Olmedo verdad?
    Esas fotos merecen estar impresas !!! 

  2. What ridiculous, beautiful creatures they are! Your photos are wonderful. I especially like the last one – it really brings out the way that the overall feather pattern frames the peacock’s head.

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