Flowers seem to turn into a challenge. I don’t know how to use macro lenses or how to take shots at flowers. By the way, Thank you all kind souls that cheer me up on my previous post about flowers.

Since flowers and I are geting aquainted, I will be getting closer and closer to them until I get how to do some of those amazing shots I see at my fellow bloggers posts!

I recommend to double-click the image to see it full.


35 thoughts on “iFlowers

  1. Cedric, Tienes mucha sensibilidad para escribir y es que siempre encuentras las palabras perfectas,  no se que me gusta mas si tus fotos o lo que escribes; tu foto es un encanto!!! Buenas noches 

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      1. Nosotros el 12 a Xochi y el 13 al museo…. lo que es querer quedar bien jaja porque cruzo tooooda la ciudad para llegar hasta allá 😉

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