Bring Down That Mammoth

When remains of mammoth show up, it is not because of a planed search. They just show up when excavating for a subway construction, in the middle of  an archeological site, or on the foundation for a skyscraper. In Mexico they have showed up in 24 states of the country out of 32.

Always amazing in size, these animals seemed to have populated our land with no reserves at all.

(Double click the image to see it enlarged.)


5 thoughts on “Bring Down That Mammoth

  1. Amazing. No, awesome. Living elephants are enormous enough – I wouldn’t want to get in the way of this animal when it was alive. (And yet we know that people hunted them with nothing more than sharp stones on sticks. You know, our ancestors were amazingly brave.)

  2. Holaaaa, me gusta las tomas que hiciste al mamut, porque reflejas su majestuosidad, la foto que mas me gusto fue la ultima, lo que mas resalta son los colmillos. Que bien que siempre subas a tu súper blog fotos tomadas Mexico!!!! bonito fin

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