Jobs To Think Twice About

I respect all ways of living, well all legal ways of living.

I think that window cleaning should be performed by automated systems or something alike.

This folks where on an 18th or 19th story, my camera was at an angle so the building is higher than what it looks like.

I edited this picture as a cartoon, because doing this job could be a scene from Gotham City but the truth is that it is the way many buildings’ windows are cleaned. Hope Batman and Robin aren’t too busy, just in case.

I wonder if the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifaa’s windows with 2,717 feet (828 m) height and 160 floors are cleaned the same way…


5 thoughts on “Jobs To Think Twice About

  1. Yikes! I just couldn’t do that. One bit of breeze and I’d be jumping through an open window into one of the offices – except I doubt the windows open that far!

  2. It is terrifying to watch them! And it must be much worse to be the people way up there actually doing the job. Agree that they deserve extra pay – but I bet they don’t get it 😦

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