Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

I am going back to school! yes…back.

For years I wanted  an MBA degree and now is the perfect time to start one. So nervous to go back to school! Last time I stepped into one was… mmm…  that long? now I can’t remember.

Why? Thought about that too. I could think that I am doing already ok with my profesional degrees, my career  and work but there is an itchy feeling of wanting to learn more, and I am that kind of person. I like taking risk and I like to know more and more about almost every topic there is!

This will be a two and a half  year journey… I know I will post something in the future when I finish my degree.

In the mean time, this is how my new school looks like!

The EGADE Business School link here


48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

  1. Cedric, te admiro por tu decisión de hacer una MBA,  deseo que cumplas todo los planes que tienes ahora que empiezas tu MBA; aunque se que estas para dar clases de Management seguro aprenderás mucho, y tus maestros y compañeros serán suertudos de conocerte. Felicidades x este paso que vas a dar y si necesitas algo sabes que siempre cuentas conmigo!!! un abrazote Chio 🙂

  2. andydbrown

    Great way of using the challenge as a personal update as well. Constant growth should not be overlooked as once one stops learning (or thinks they have nothng more to learn), it marks the day we truly start to die. Good luck to you as you start this new chapter, Cedric!

  3. Enhorabuena, te deseo lo mejor en ese trayecto que vas a comenzar. Me alegra ver que tú tienes las riendas y que diriges tu crecimiento… Felicidades!!! 😉

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  5. I took a pretty long break between college and a Master’s program. My biggest advice is when you think you’re done writing a paper, wait a half an hour and then re-read it and find all the things that need to be tightened up. That was the biggest shock for me, relearning how to write academic papers. Good luck! And congratulations.

  6. Y que cosa vas a estudiar? Eso quiere decir que estaras demasiado ocupado para escribir tu blog y visitarnos a nosotros aqui? 😉 Buena suerte de todos modos 😀

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