17 comments on “I Have Been Visiting You. You Just Don’t Know it Yet!

  1. I experience the same problem. It happens that I go back to re-read a blog post, re-read a poem or to look at a picture I particularly liked, and I’m surprised to find that my “like” hasn’t been registered in my first visit, but my comment has. Similarly, if I click “like” on a post, then click the “<" button in my browser, click back into the post I just "liked", my "like" is gone. I'm not sure if it's a browser problem or a wordpress problem. In fact, I'm not sure if it's a problem at all 😉

  2. Es horroroso! Yo tengo muchos blogs que sigo y no hay necesidad de visitarlo porque me aparece todo el contenido ahí mismo y les doy el “me gusta” pero nah…. cuando los visito veo que no aparece :S

  3. Subscribing to email posts seems to be a more reliable way of getting notice about new posts from friends. Some bloggers show up in my reader whereas others do not.

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