15 comments on “Portrait: B and W

  1. The black and white suits her slightly old-fashioned hairdo, and the simplicity of the shot, Cedric. Unless there’s a good reason for using colour, I’d say mono is the best bet for portraiture where the face is the story and you’re not distracted by colour.

  2. Holaaaa!!! Que buena foto, la verdad es que en blanco y negro se ve muy padre, por cierto a ver si te interesa esta convocatoria me la envió un sobrino que hace video y me acorde de ti, esta convocatoria es para artistas como tunas te paso la liga: photoXpedition.com cuidate good nite 

  3. I think this portrait in black and white works well as it allows the viewer the opportunity to use their own imagination about what colors would actually be there–kind of mysterious and that is always a thriller, no?
    She has a beautiful smile…

      • It’s nice to see “unpro” images/work though because I think it comes honestly from the heart of the creator…like the innocence that comes from little children…you know, spontaneous innocence…an elusive creativity…?

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