10 comments on “Color of Light

  1. wow! i enjoyed seeing your work! the sunflower piece was amazing; i marveled at your design skills, and then with each piece, your talent stood on its own. they’re all beautiful!

    before i ‘morphed’ into the new painting style of mola influence, i was ‘incubating’ a stained glass watercolor in my head. everywhere i went, i studied the stained glass windows…. and then ame ‘mola’ and i’ve not veered back to traditional painting since.

    i’m working on large painting now, and think i will take a break and do a handful of traditional watercolors. i suspect that a stained glass one will be one of those.

  2. Hola, que bonito trabajo y en las fotos anteriores se ve todo el detalle que se requiere y la precisión con que hay que trabajar. Muy bonita la foto de esa ventana, tu muy bien por tener ese hobbie 😉

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    El 02/02/2013, a las 11:14 p.m., “Implicado” escribió:


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