My Mornings

Every day is different from the day before and from the day after. That, you already know, I know.

What I know too, is that most of the times, though not all the times, I think about today.

“Today” doesn’t mean to be a fashion day, because today is not always at hand, though it is.

Perhaps it is easier to think about what happened in the past and what might happen in the future, and again one is gone and the other…. is taken for granted.

What brings me to today, again. There is no way we can get fulled of energy other than to appreciate every moment (the present you have guessed right) because is the only thing we can hold on to. The past is there to be remembered all right, and if positive memories come in is a good investment.

Tomorrow may come with surprises and even if one is optimist about it,  but today, hey! is like being connected to an endless source if one chooses and it is endless if you grab every second of it.

Today is always a good day.

My mornings


7 thoughts on “My Mornings

  1. The beauty of words when they nicely put together that they can many times present a very “not acceptable” idea or thought for us as an Individual , but still we admire the rhythm of the words 🙂

    I say .. yesterday is gone “ learn from it and laugh at silly things you done “ , today is now “ live it and be the one that add at least one good thing to the life of loved one or the world if possible” , tomorrow is full of surprises so embrace the idea of a roller costar ride 🙂

    like the post and your writing 🙂

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